Online Help

Before you can make an online booking, you must have registered your details and created an account.

How to register and create your account

  • Select register, this will take you to the Create a New Account page.
  • Specify a User name to use when you log on to your account.
  • Specify and confirm your email address. This will automatically replace any email address that we hold for you.
  • Specify your Date of Birth.
  • Specify your Active Card number.
  • Choose a Security question.
  • Add your Security question answer.
  • Select register.
  • If your registration is successful, you will receive an activation email.
  • Select the Activate link in your email.
  • You will be taken to the Account Activation page.
  • Your User name will already be populated.
  • Answer the Security question.
  • Specify and confirm your Password.
  • Select Activate.
  • Your account is now active and you can start to make online bookings.

How to make an online booking

  • You can book either an Activity or a Class.
  • Court bookings are treated as Activity bookings.
  • From within the Search panel, select either Activities or Classes.
  • Select a Site.
  • Select an Activity or Class.
  • Select the Date for your chosen Activity or Class.
  • Select the From time.
  • Select the To time.
  • Select search.
  • Add your activity or class to your basket by selecting the corresponding basket icon.
  • Select another activity or class to add it to your basket.
  • Read and accept our Terms and Conditions and select checkout.
  • Select Confirm booking.
  • To print a copy of your booking confirmation, select Print receipt.